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Message from the Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences.

The Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences is a department of our university that has been carrying out education and training activities at undergraduate and graduate levels since 1963, and has a well-equipped academic staff who has been conducting scientific research with domestic and international projects.

No other science field in the world has more amateur enthusiasts than the field of astronomy. This situation also reaches the highest level in the organization and participation of our department's academic staff and students in science - society activities.

As a basic science, astronomy is also the biggest stakeholder of interdisciplinary studies. As examples of the fields of science in which astronomy is a stakeholder, we can give astrophysics, astrochemistry and astrobiology, astroarchaeology, astrogeodesy, astronavigation, space mining, forensic medicine, space law, space agriculture, satellite technologies. Astronomy is even included in art.

Astronomy is a pilot science in bringing science to the public and popularizing science classes. On the other hand, visual materials, tools and documents related to astronomy play a very important role in increasing interest in science and technology.

Those with astronomical formation have the acquisition that it is necessary to look at events and phenomena from different point of view (astronomers observe celestial bodies through windows of very different wavelength ranges, from x-rays to radio waves, and access extremely valuable information from each of these observations), and that each point of view can provide different information. This acquisition gives astronomers a great advantage in social life as well, and they look at both sides of the coin while evaluating events.

Lastly, from the earliest civilizations, the only common area of people, the sky and celestial bodies, have been the bridge between these civilizations. This common ground of humanity has been the slogan of the International Astronomical Union.

So let's repeat it all together: We're all together under one sky!


Prof. Dr. Ömer L. DEĞİRMENCİ

Head of the Department


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