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Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences

Message from the Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences.

The Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences, which was established in 1963, offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The department currently comprises 20 academic staff members. Our research topics include eclipsing  binary stars, stellar activity, pulsating stars, asteroseismology, dynamics and evolution of accretion discs, stellar evolution models, general relativity theory and cosmology, etc.

No amateur enthusiast of any science in the world is more than astronomy. In this context, the organization and participation of our academic staff and students to science and society activities is also at the highest level.

Astronomy, which is one of the basic sciences, is also the biggest component of many interdisciplinary studies such as astroarchaeology, astrogeodesis, astronavigation, space mining, criminal medicine, space law, agriculture in space, satellite technology, astrophysics, astrochemistry and astrobiology. Moreover, astronomy is a branch of science that we encounter even in art.

From the earliest civilizations, the only common area of people, the sky and celestial bodies, have been the bridge between these civilizations. This common ground of humanity has been the slogan of the International Astronomical Union.

So let's repeat it all together: We're all together under one sky!

Prof. Dr. Serdar EVREN

Head of the Department