Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences




The Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences was established in 1962-1963 academic year. Since there were no faculty members in the initial stage, Astronomy courses were taught by faculty members from Ankara and Istanbul Universities.

4 - 31 October 1962 from Ankara University Faculty of Science Assoc. Dr. Abdullah Kızılırmak and As. Dr. Rümeysa Kızılırmak gave lectures as Assoc. Prof. Muammer Dizer from Istanbul Kandilli Observatory between 3 - 27 December 1972. Furthermore, between the dates of October 15, 1962 and January 11, 1963; Dr. Flecktenstein worked at the podium as a foreign expert. The Astronomy Department has become an independent department on 8 January  1963. In the same year, Sezai Hazer (19 February 1963), M. Ünal Akyol (28 February 1963), Şükrü Bozkurt (September 23, 1963), İlhami Yavuz (26 September 1963) to be included academic staff. As the academic years progressed, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adnan Kıral and Assoc. Metin Hotinli was a guest lecturer.

 Prof. Dr. Abdullah Kızılırmak


Then Prof. Dr. Hans Kienle, contracted on November 1, 1965 began his duties on the podium. Since then Prof. Dr. Kienle has continued its productive teaching and research activities in our lectern and observatory. American Prof. Dr. T. L. Swihart,(1969-1970) and Prof. Dr. R. H. Wilson (1971-1972 and 1972-1973) was a contracted lecturer in the different academic years.

Since its establishment, the Department of Astronomy and Space Science has been carrying out scientific activities at national and international level, educating astronomers who can conduct scientific researches, and responding to the public's interest in astronomy.

In 1965, depending on the department, E.U. Astronomy Research and Application Center was established. At the established center, both students were trained and scientific researches were carried out and still continue to be carried out. The scientific researches of the academic staffs in this center are published in international journals. The academic staffs have focused on joint scientific research with other centers in Europe and America.